A Review about HiFi Products – Turntables

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turntableWhat is the Best Vintage Turntable? Audiophiles who know the value of great sound always look out for the best vintage turntable. They see them as the best of their kind. This desire is not just about the sound though. It’s also about the fact that vintage turntables are widely regarded as a symbol of music history. They’re seen as being high-quality, probably because of the period in which they were produced. For most audiophiles, vintage turntables give them a feeling of nostalgia which is indescribable.

But, first things first:

What is a Turntable?

A Turntable is a music-playing device that plays LP (Long Play) records. LPs are also known as “vinyls.” Turntables operate through a needle tracing the engraved waveforms from record and vibrating to reproduce the recorded sound waves. Turntables may also be referred to as “record players” or “phonographs”. Turntables that are used with a mixer as part of a DJ’s set up are often known as “decks”. Using turntables in this way to manipulate sounds and create music is a modern art known as “Turntablism”.

Turntables are very popular with audiophiles as it is widely accepted that they produce a better sound quality than other digital music sources like CDs (Compact Discs). Besides their greater sound quality, turntables are also popular with music enthusiasts because of their historical significance in the world of music.

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HiFi Products – DJ Turntables

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The best DJ turntables can help make the difference between a club that draws in the crowds or a club that flounders and dies a slow death. This is especially true if you plan to take music seriously in your own club, where the quality of sound is a major issue for you to handle. If you’re out in the market and looking for the perfect tool to help you do your thing, here are a couple of things you’d want to look out for:

Direct Drive

There is a reason you want to get direct drive over belt drive, and that reason is a significantly higher level of torque on direct drives. Belt drives also have a tendency to slip and erode with use, and are generally not recommended for serious DJs who want to turntable as well.

High Torque

The best DJ turntables have a decent torque level on the disks, ranging around 1.5kg/m, and are usually found on direct drive turntables. The problem here, however, is that only an experienced DJ will be able to tell whether the label on the turntable is accurate or not. Check for resistance when pulling back the disk, and never get a turntable that doesn’t ’snap’ a disk back into a spin after stopping or pulling it back.

Straight tone arm

A good tone arm needs to hold a pickup and stylus where they need to be, and a straight tone arm gets the job decently well. The best DJ turntables usually have a straight tone arm, which is a good measure to prevent the needles from jumping all over the place and ruining the overall sounds on your mixes.

Decent pitch adjustment

And last but definitely not the least is a decent range of pitch adjustment. This will allow you to adjust the tempo of the music, varying between slower, somber tunes and fast-paced, energetic ones. A range of plus-minus eight is a decent enough value to work with for most clubs DJs, which then comes as the recommended pitch adjustment levels.

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HiFi Products Turntables- The Best DJ Turntables Packages

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Best DJ TurntablesBoth beginner turntablists and established DJs can make full use of the best turntables packages, especially when you consider the convenience and practicality of making use of such packages. Turntables, mixers, sound cards and sometimes even turntable emulation software come bundled in with these packages, which makes for some really good deals. Some people, however, have a bit of a problem actually finding a place to buy these packages. As such, here are a few places to buy DJ turntables packages:

Your local audio and music shops are good places to start. Look around town, browse the ads and check each audio and music shop for packages, and you will find maintaining and upgrading your turntable a snap. The problem here is that not all people have access to audio and music shops that stock DJ turntables, which can then be solved by going to the one place where people and boundaries meet together: The Internet.

Search engines are your best friend. Simply key in the words ‘??DJ turntables packages’ and you’??ll be presented with a list of websites that specialize in selling the hardware. The problem here is that you need to know your stuff about turntables before you buy them off the Internet. Package content and pricing are two factors that take high priority, while brand name and authenticity are two others that will seal the deal. You need to choose where you shop on the World Wide Web if you want to find a good place from which to buy your packages.

DJ equipment sites come more recommended than auction or commerce sites. Such DJ equipment sites specialize in this particular niche, which means they develop a reputation based on the quality of their products and services. Auction and commerce sites, on the other hand, are more interested in a sale than providing quality goods, which is something you do not want if you are serious in your pursuit of good packages.So there you have it, three basic places where you can find the best DJ turntables packages. They are good places to start your hunt, as long as you keep your wits about you and make a smart and informed purchase.

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